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Worm Castings – A Superfood for Plants

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We all know that worms are beneficial creatures in our gardens. They help roots grow by aerating garden soil, they remove heavy metals and toxins and they create worm castings!

That’s great, but what are earthworm castings? Castings are the end product of the breakdown of organic matter by certain earthworm species (composting worms) or “worm poop” for short. But don’t worry about the smell because castings have a very light scent that is reminiscent of forest soil. Try saying that about some other animal manures.

As the earthworms consume and digest organic materials in the soil, they refine nutrients and minerals down to the most useable form for the plants. Castings contain numerous beneficial microbes and bacteria helping maintain a healthy root zone (rhizosphere), as well as humic acid which aids in plant nutrient absorption.

Earthworm Castings contain about 5% more nitrogen than your average garden soil, but in a slow release form due to the mucous (slime) they secrete during digestion.  This means that worm castings will never “burn” your plants from to much nitrogen, it’s available as needed by the plants. They help the soil become more absorbent and retain water, keeping your soil from drying out and they also have a neutral pH of 7.0.

Castings are one of the best organic fertilizers that you can have in your “gardener’s toolbox”. Their benefits help build and maintain a healthy and nutrient rich garden.  Whether you choose to make your own castings at home (vermicomposting) or purchase ready to use bags here at Organic Garden Center, we hope that you will start amending your soil with this organic, natural and very beneficial additive.


Information originally posted on: St. Clare Seeds