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Bee Keeping

Explore Backyard Beekeeping & Equip Your Own Apiary With Innovative Products & Classes

At The Barn we understand the importance of pollinators for our crops, garden and environment. Which is why we pride ourselves on offering the best beekeeping supplies, whether you’re a beginner, a novice or a professional. We carry hive and hive kits, protective clothing, tools, mite controls, extraction equipment and bottling supplies. We also stock a variety of candle-, soap- and wine-making supplies for the craft hobbyist.

Nurture a successful, thriving apiary with our supplies and know-how — for experienced professionals and beekeeping newbies

We’re constantly seeking out new remedies, innovative products and ideas to keep your apiary thriving. We also offer classes, books and everyday support — on bee cultivation, how to build a beehive, bee hive plans and more. Stop in The Barn today and see how you can help keep these pollinators flourishing.