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Nectar for the Gods

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Now, we know the name sounds funny, and with products like “Zeus Juice” and “Herculean Harvest” it’s easy to get confused on what does what.  N.F.G. is not your normal nutrient line. They understand that in order to have a healthy plant you can’t just force feed it synthetic nutrients and supplements. Their approach is to promote a healthy rhizosphere (root zone) by feeding the microbial activity organic nutrients and minerals, which in turn creates proteins, vitamins and minerals that are naturally available to your plants.

Essentially they create different forms of compost teas, which are biologically (enzymatically) digested, doing all the hard work for you and creating a more natural and organic form of nutrients that plants are used to. They’ve bottled up months of microbial activity and made those nutrients available to your plants right now, not in 2 months when it’s finally able to break down that alfalfa and bone meal that you’ve been mixing in your soil for years.

Nectar for the Gods is a calcium based line, instead of the standard sodium or salt based synthetic nutrients on the market today. They chose calcium because of all the amazing properties it has. It is the most active element that you can put into a plant. It carries the most nutrients and creates the most bonds with other elements in the soil, which then become readily available to the plant. Calcium is also essential for supplying plant growth energy and stronger cell development meaning bigger, stronger, and naturally healthier plants.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the products available from Nectar for the Gods:

Medusas Magic
This is the Grow base in the line-up. It provides the plant with the gentlest form of Nitrogen possible suspended in a worm casting tea. Now that sounds delicious!
Gaia Mania
This is the Bloom base in the line-up. It’s a blend of organic vitamins, acids, and minerals that have been digested by enzymes, making them easier for your plant to absorb. It promotes microbial populations in your root zone, creating an overall healthier rhizosphere and plant.  It can also act as a B-12 shot for your sickly plants if they are stressed.
Herculean Harvest
This is a liquid bone meal supplement, increasing the available calcium and phosphorus (calcium phosphate) in the soil.  This feeds the microbial activity in your rhizosphere, which makes more natural nutrients available to your plants. It will also help desalinate the soil and help fix the pH levels.
Zeus Juice
This is the Catalyst of the group. Containing humic and fulvic acid as well as kelp extract. Humic acid provides compounds that transport nutrients and vitamins into the plant, almost like a nutrient superhighway. The humic acid and kelp extract stimulate plant growth and increase cellular metabolism and nutrient absorption. This can also be used on seeds as a germination aid, giving seedlings a head start on their way to becoming a healthy plant.
Demeter’s Destiny
This is more Calcium, but a different super secret kind of calcium. It helps with Cal-Mag deficiencies in your soil by converting (chelating) the magnesium already in your soil into a more natural form that is available to your plants.
Athena’s Aminas
You guessed it, this is the amino acid supplement. Amino acids are the “building blocks” on which protein growth is based. It also contains some nitrogen to enable your plants to build proteins as quickly as they are able and assist with healthy growth.
Bloom Khaos
As you read through the other ingredients, you may have been asking why do they keep adding more and more calcium into the soil? Why do we need so much calcium? This is why. This is the driving force in the nutrient line. It’s a calcium facilitator, making your plant demand more calcium like Cookie Monster demands cookies. Your plant starts bringing on any and all calcium available, and because that calcium has been bonded with so many other nutrients, it absorbs them too without even trying. Mind. Blown.
It’s hard to find good products and companies that stand out in the cornucopia of nutrient lines available today, but we feel that this is one of them. It truly is one of the good guys. Natural, organic and environmentally friendly, we hope that our breakdown makes this awesome product line a little less intimidating. Our wish is that you will try this natural nutrient line on your next crop and enjoy the all the benefits it has to offer, as we have been for some time.