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Heavy 16 Pt. 2 – The Heavier

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So in case you missed part one of this blog post, where we talked about the Heavy 16 Philosophy, Versatility and our breakdown of the base Nutrients, you should probably take a minute and read that… like now. 


How awesome was that? It’s like reading plant nerd porn. Cascading Delivery is a feature that no other nutrient line can offer at this level. And it doesn’t stop with the base nutes either, let’s jump into the Heavy additives that will enhance, cleanse, and boost any base nutrient regime to a whole new level. Don’t believe us? Try any one of them with your current base cycle and see all the advantages of the cascading delivery theory. Then you’ll be hooked and unable to resist trying every single one off them.



Prime (0-0-3)
The center piece of the Heavy additive line, the be-all end-all of alternative additives. It has so many advantages, you could write a book on them… but we’re going to do it in 50 words or less.

As it’s derived from professional grade organic ingredients, Prime won’t burn your plants and can be used throughout their entire lifecycle in soil or hydro. Elevates compost teas, accelerates microbial and fungal activity into warp speed, promotes plant branching, sweetens the fruit’s scent and flavor, and boosts overall plant vigor.And… done. You just got Plant Nerded… again.



Foliar (1-0-2)Have you ever heard of bulletproof plants? The Heavy line is built on the concept of enhancing your plants’ natural ability to ward off all types of stress and enabling them to grow to their full potential. Heavy Foliar is the embodiment of that philosophy. Think of it as your plants getting a blood transfusion from a bigger, stronger, more bad-ass plant.

Because of its neutral chemistry it quickly enters through the leaves and increases the rate of photosynthesis ten times over.  As it moves through the plants’ vascular system, the carbohydrate base mix of calcium, micronutrients and enzymes helps to make your plants more adaptive and strengthens their defenses against extreme stresses. The leftover carb base is then stored in your plants’ root zone for another day. Oh yeah… you will see those effects in an hour after spraying. And it kills soft bodied insects. And it’s a food grade Cal-Mag. And it will work with all your other foliar sprays.
Yup… It’s pretty much like liquid gold yield in a bottle.



Fire (0.7-10.16)4 Forms of Phosphorus, 3 Forms of Potassium, 2 forms of Kelp, 2 types of bio-clays, fulvic acid and a touch of Nitrogen. Never mixed, but brewed together and then aged to perfection.

The ultimate PK booster, Fire promotes larger, more dense flowering sites, increased root development, and more stress and disease resistance. It even helps your plants create and store additional phosphorus for tomorrow, in case… you know… they have a craving for some more sweet, sweet phosphorus.This is the perfect balance between plant nutrition and stimulation that your garden and plants deserve. It allows you to simplify your current nutrient regimen as well as enabling your plants to mature into their fullest potential.



Finish (0-0-1)The name is misleading because you actually use it throughout the plants’ whole life cycle, from seedlings to the day you harvest. It helps make nutrients ultra-available through chelation.

Chelation is this really cool chemistry trick of bonding minerals together which, in turn, allows them to be easily absorbed by your plants. It also helps cleanse those sub par nutes you’ve been using through extreme pH and PPM buffering capabilities.No higher amount of soil or biological cleansing can be achieved any other way, and this one is all natural. How ‘bout them apples?



Roots (0.7-1-2)Every true gardener knows that plant health starts at the root zone (plant nerd speak = rhizosphere) and Heavy Roots deals it out in spades.

It helps improve the efficiency of your nutrients by preventing lock up, remineralization, and the eventual falling out of the solution. That’s the reason you see all those salt crystals hanging out at the bottom of your reservoir. And on the sides. And on your drip stakes. And pretty much everywhere. No more dealing with that crap.So now that all the nutrients are available, Heavy Roots helps your plants absorb all those nutrients by not only building a bigger root structure but by also building more root hairs. Many, many more root hairs. They are those teeny tiny little fuzzy white tips that do most of the actual nutrient absorption. Heavy Roots will also activate natural resistances to fungus and insects, us plant nerds call this systemic acquired resistance, but think of it as a plant vaccination against pests,

By building this knockout combination of a nutrient delivery mechanism and protection, your plants can develop stronger, faster and more easily deal with stress and pests. So it can spend more time maturing and doing other more important healthy, happy plant type things.

And thus concludes our mammoth 2-part-super-plant-nerdified Heavy 16 blog post. We hope that you’re just as excited to try this nutrient line as we were when they first arrived at our door here at The Barn.