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Growing food beautifully

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  • noun: a landscape that creatively and elegantly integrates elements of productive agriculture either by means of growing produce (edible fruits, vegetables, and herbs) or other useful plants to reduce useless consumption, landfill waste, and water usage.
  • verb: the act of creating elegant, productive, and sustainable landscapes for the betterment of health and humanity.

When landscaping is done right it’s welcoming, inspiring and beautiful. Combine that with organic gardening and now you’re on to something. This is the idea behind Agriscaping. But, we know that growing your own food can be intimidating at times. What to plant, where to put them and when to plant? All the time spent planning and planting, the endless choices and possibilities, it just can seem overwhelming at times. Thankfully, you have us.


We’re always looking for better ways to help educate people and make growing your own food easier. We want to help people understand all the tools available to them, so anyone can have an organic garden. That’s why we created this blog. And this guy created an app.Well, almost. Justin Rohner needs your help. He wants to create an app that will calculate where you live, what you want to plant and what you’re planting in. Then the app will give you instructions on where and when to plant, garden care, and harvest times. It’s like having a Master Gardener in your pocket. But there are only 9 days left and he’s only 50% of the way toward reaching his goal. Without enough funding this amazing piece of software could never see the light of day. We’ve already backed the project and we hope that you will too!