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Don’t Panic, it’s Veganic

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Vegan organic gardening is the technique of using only vegetative organic fertilizers and inputs. Popularized by Kenneth Dalziel O’Brien in the 1980’s, vegan organics uses minimal tilling, vegetable compost, straw mulch, cover crops, and green manures. No animal by-products allowed, so no blood meal, fish meal, bone meal, manure, etc.

The concept is that, if you use only natural plant-based inputs to fertilize your crops you’ll build a  healthier soil structure, microbial diversity, and a sustainable food supply. Vegan gardening promotes healthier plants, phenomenal tastes and aromas, contains more vitamins, minerals, and no synthetic fertilizer aftertaste.


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This all sounds great, but it does take time for the microbes to break down the nutrients and make them available for plants. And it also seems like a lot of work, all that extra planting of cover crops and plowing them back into the soil. What if you’re growing food or medicine indoors and need faster results? This is where Veganics comes in.

Veganics is the evolution of Organic Horticulture, a step towards greater purity, more health benefits and a safer food supply.

This is what Vegamatrix creator Kyle Kushman believes. He strives to make the cleanest nutrient line around, with virtually no salt or heavy metal residue to clog drip lines, or build up in the soil. This build up can also cause nutrient burn and eventually lock out.Kyle is an American writer, educator and an award winning grower of today’s trendiest crop. Known for his organic and veganic growing techniques, he’s also the former cultivation editor for High Times. With such a stacked resume, we had to try Vegamatrix out and see if this line gave what it promised or if it’s more smoke and mirrors from an already over saturated market.

So we ran a simple side by side for 6 weeks to see if it could hold it’s own against one of the more popular organic nutrient options.

And we have to say that we were impressed with the results.Little to no nutrient deficiencies, very easy to use and, yes, very clean. With the regular addition of a microbial inoculant or compost tea, this line really shines. So much so, that we are considering dropping the other line from our shelves completely. If you’ve been wanting to go organic, or just looking for better flavor in your plants, then check out our breakdown of the full line below.

With a familiar 3 part base, Vegamatrix is easy to use even if you’re just starting out. It’s derived from a non-GMO plant based formula, 95% organic with naturally mined minerals and just a touch of food grade synthetic stabilizers and preservatives for a longer shelf life.

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Grow – Formulated with the most powerful natural chelating agents, it is engineered for explosive growth throughout your plant’s life.


Bloom – Feeds bacteria, improves root development, increases brix (sugar) levels and is completely bio-availible. Maximizes your yield and quality.


Boost – Essentially a Cal-Mag supplement that super charges nutrient uptake and mobility in your plants so that they can reach their full potential.

The additives, while completely optional, can benefit any organic or veganic regimen. 
Prime Zyme – A carefully selected enzymatic complex that enables microbes to break down old root material into reusable nutrients. Resulting in a cleaner, stronger root system that increases nutrient uptake, growth rate and even creates a barrier against root pests and pathogens.


Amp-It – A complete micronutrient additive, fortified with amino acids for increased protein production, plant metabolism and growth. Also a must have if you’re using RO water.


Big-N-Sticky – Sourced from organic compounds of Kelp, Vitamin B1, yucca, with complex carbs and combined with potassium phosphite, to ensure the rapid uptake of P+K. This bloom booster will increase fruit set and final yield size while maintaining the clean and natural taste that Veganics promises.


Hard-N-Quick – A Foliar Spray made from 100% Kelp that helps your plants transition quicker and slow vertical growth for indoor growing and height restricted spaces. Cytokines contained in kelp extract, promote lateral branching and shorter internal length (quick), faster root development, and even has a silica like effect of strengthening cell walls (hard). However, it will keep your plants short and fat, so make sure to only use it for a short period during the grow/flower transitional period.


For some it’s an ethical choice to try vegan gardening, others try it because they are searching for the most natural and sustainable gardening practices possible.

If you’re looking for the cleanest taste for your indoor crops, while maintaining better quality and yields than other comparable organic nutrients, then give Vegamatrix a try. It even comes in an affordable starter kit so that you can experiment with the whole line without breaking the bank.  Keep in mind that organic lines like Vegamatrix cannot be run in hydroponics, only in soil or drain to waste systems.