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All in a spray’s work!

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Most of the time when people think of foliar spraying their plants, they think of bug sprays and synthetic chemical […]

Heavy 16 Pt. 2 – The Heavier

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So in case you missed part one of this blog post, where we talked about the Heavy 16 Philosophy, Versatility […]

Now at The Barn – Heavy 16

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We are proud to announce that Heavy 16 is now available at The Barn at Lemont! We have contacted our […]

Kelp, the Superhero of the Sea!

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Dried seaweed, or Kelp, has been used by gardeners for centuries and is one of the most popular growth enhancers […]

Worm Castings – A Superfood for Plants

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We all know that worms are beneficial creatures in our gardens. They help roots grow by aerating garden soil, they […]