201 Elmwood St. State College, PA 16801

Reconnect with Tradition, Nature and Each Other — Drink KingView Mead, Cider and Wine!

KingView Mead creates internationally acclaimed meads, ciders and wines with the cause of promoting education and assistance to apiaries and beekeepers. Our business model is taken straight from nature, by replicating the relationship that bees have with plants, in that they each help one another grow. Our Mead-For-Bees program embodies that amazing relationship by supporting beekeepers and bees by giving back.

There are many amazing people that help us all, supplying the foods we eat, plus propagating the trees, flowers and herbs we see — we support them because they support us. When you drink KingView, let it take you back to olden times; feel good, smile, relax and know that you’re helping us all. KingView focuses on the highest quality product and we’re active participants in helping others create beneficial jobs that improve our society.

We hope you enjoy our mead, cider and wine.