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Are you healthier than a 5th grader?

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We have been working with Blossburg Elementary for a couple of months now,  We visited the school to teach them about hydroponics and help them build some of their own systems. We worked with the teachers and answered the students’ questions to help them grow their own food throughout the fall/winter months.


In early December, we invited the kids to come to our store and see all the plants and systems we had growing in our shop. Imagine 40 children running around your store! Yeah we were nervous and thought we’d be overwhelmed, but the students were great. They saw (and tasted) the many different types of plants we have growing and we even gave them a chance to learn how to clone their own plants!


Today we received the most amazing and unexpected package in the mail. Hand-written thank you cards from the students! Not only did they tell us what their favorite plants are and how much they learned, but they even illustrated different hydroponic systems. We are truly touched by their gratitude, if only we could post pictures of all of the cards…


We’re ecstatic that the kids are enjoying the process of growing their own food as much as we enjoyed teaching them. We realize that the passionate teachers of BES do most of the hard work day to day educating them on the benefits of healthy living and growing a sustainable future for all. We’re just so happy to be a part of it.